One of my favorite ways to get information and meet experts who are shattering the web of lies of big pharma, the healthcare system, children’s health and what is and is not healthy eating.

Recently I came across an interview where Jay Shetty, host of On Purpose podcast, was speaking with Dr. Casey Means. Dr. Means is a medical doctor turned rebel advocate dedicated to lifting the veils of deception by big pharma, the decline of health and the healthcare industry. She is also the author of “Good Energy: The Surprising Connection Between Metabolism and Limitless Health.”

Throughout the nearly two-hour podcast episode, I continually found myself shocked and yet delighted by the truths Dr. Means shared. Her passion for debunking myths and her profound knowledge about the interconnectedness of metabolism and overall health were truly eye-opening.

Unmasking the Realities of Modern Healthcare

The Funding of the FDA

One of the startling truths Dr. Means discusses is the funding structure of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). She explains how a significant portion of the FDA’s budget comes from the pharmaceutical companies themselves, through fees paid during the drug approval process. This creates a potential conflict of interest, where the very agency meant to regulate big pharma is financially dependent on it, raising questions about the objectivity and safety of approved drugs.

The Compromise of Congress

Dr. Means talked about how congressional decisions regarding healthcare are often compromised by lobbying efforts and campaign contributions from pharmaceutical companies. This financial influence can shape legislation in ways that benefit big pharma rather than the public, leading to policies that may not always prioritize patient health and safety.

The Beneficiaries of Big Pharma

Who truly benefits from big pharma’s dominance? Dr. Means argues that it is often not the patients, but the pharmaceutical companies and their shareholders. The focus on profit margins can lead to a healthcare system that prioritizes treatments over cures, ensuring a steady stream of revenue rather than striving for long-term health solutions.

The Truth About School Lunches and Youth Health

Dr. Means also sheds light on the dismal state of school lunches and their impact on children’s health. Many school meals are high in processed foods, sugars, and unhealthy fats, contributing to rising rates of childhood obesity and related health issues. This nutritional deficit sets a foundation for future health problems, suggesting that today’s children might face shorter lifespans than their parents.

Academic Research and Big Pharma

Another critical issue Dr. Means addresses is the funding of academic research by pharmaceutical companies. While funding is essential for scientific advancement, the source of this funding can introduce bias. Studies sponsored by big pharma are more likely to yield favorable outcomes for their products, potentially skewing the scientific literature and impacting clinical guidelines and practices.

Listening to Your Body

Dr. Means emphasizes the importance of understanding what our bodies are communicating through various symptoms. Minor signals of “bad energy,” such as fatigue, mood swings, or digestive issues, can be early warnings of more severe health problems down the line. By paying attention to these signals and addressing metabolic health, we can prevent and reverse many chronic conditions.

Key Concepts from “Good Energy”

Much of what Dr. Means shared with Jay is in her new book. Good Energy is a treasure trove of actionable insights and scientific explanations that shed light on how we can take control of our health. Here are some of the key concepts she discusses:

1. The Importance of Metabolic Function

Dr. Means emphasizes that the health of our cells, and their ability to create and use energy efficiently, is paramount. When our cells are functioning optimally, they produce “good energy,” which is crucial for both physical and mental well-being. Conversely, when our metabolic function is impaired, it can lead to a cascade of health issues.

2. Monitoring Metabolic Health

For the first time, advancements in health technology allow us to monitor our metabolic health in great detail. Dr. Means explains how inexpensive tools and technology can help us “see inside our body” and take proactive steps to improve our metabolic function.

3. Biomarkers and Risk Assessment

Dr. Means outlines five key biomarkers that determine our risk for deadly diseases. Understanding and monitoring these biomarkers can provide critical insights into our health and help us take preventative measures.

4. Dietary Wisdom

Cutting through the confusion of dietary philosophies, Dr. Means presents six lifelong food principles that are adaptable whether you’re a carnivore or a vegan. These principles are designed to promote metabolic health and overall wellness. Of course, I advocate for eating whole food, plant based for optimal health.

5. The Role of Sleep and Circadian Rhythm

Sleep and circadian rhythms are deeply intertwined with our metabolic health. Dr. Means discusses how optimizing these aspects of our lives can significantly impact our well-being.

6. Exercise and Everyday Movement

Rather than focusing solely on intense workouts, Dr. Means advocates for integrating simple, consistent movement into our daily routines. This approach can be more sustainable and effective in promoting metabolic health.

7. Building Resilience Through Environmental Exposure

Exposure to cold and heat can bolster our body’s resilience. Dr. Means explains how these practices can support metabolic function and overall health.

8. Navigating the Medical System

Dr. Means provides practical steps for navigating the medical system to ensure you receive the care and resources needed for optimal health.

A New Paradigm for Health

Good Energy” offers a revolutionary understanding of the true causes of illness that have long remained hidden in plain sight. Dr. Means’ approach empowers individuals to take charge of their health by focusing on metabolic function, providing hope that we can live well and stay well at every stage of life.

A True Trailblazer

Dr. Casey Means is a trailblazer in the field of health, challenging the status quo and shedding light on the critical importance of metabolic health. Her insights, as shared in her book “Good Energy” and through her engaging discussions, provide a roadmap to better health and a clearer understanding of the factors that truly matter. 

CLICK HERE to listen or watch the On Purpose podcast episode.

About the Author

Kathleen Gage is a highly experienced business consultant, keynote speaker, author, and marketing strategist. She’s the founder of Vegan Visibility and co-founder of Vegan Visibility Productions. Kathleen is known for her resilience in navigating economic challenges and her commitment to advocating for a sustainable, compassionate world. She consults with vegan plant-based businesses, hosts popular podcasts, authors books, and organizes the virtual summits, book launches, and digital product launches. Kathleen resides in Central Oregon, where she indulges her passion for outdoor activities and cares for rescued animals on her property.

Learn more about Kathleen and her involvement in the vegan niche and market at

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