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Welcome to the Veganpreneur REVOLUTION™ Podcast, hosted by Kathleen Gage and VLynn Hawkins.

The Veganpreneur Revolution Podcast is your go-to source for business-minded individuals committed to the vegan lifestyle and philosophy and a plant-based lifestyle. Dive into conversations with vegan experts sharing strategies to grow your business, increase market reach, and amplify visibility for your ventures.

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021: Empowering Youth Activism and Vegan Entrepreneurship: Claire Howe and the Raven Corps

Veganpreneur REVOLUTION™ Podcast | Episode 021 | July 17, 2024
Originally founded as Youth for the Voiceless, the Raven Corps evolved into a collective liberation organization, addressing not only animal rights but also environmental sustainability and social justice issues. Claire’s grassroots work with local high school animal rights clubs in Portland laid the foundation for this transformative movement.

020: Factory Farming: Through the Lens of Compassion with Bobby Sud

Veganpreneur REVOLUTION™ Podcast | Episode 020 | July 10, 2024
The journey to veganism often begins with a deep-seated love for animals and the realization that our daily choices can impact their lives profoundly. Bobby Sud’s journey into veganism and activism is one of health, compassion and most of all, the love of animals.

019: The Interconnection of Veganism, Health, and Spiritual Awakening with Elena Theis

Veganpreneur REVOLUTION™ Podcast | Episode 019 | July 3, 2024
It has been said, “Compassion is the language of the heart.” This week’s featured guest on the Veganpreneur REVOLUTION™ podcast not only believes this to be true, she lives it. 

018: Navigating Veganism: Health, Ethics, and Entrepreneurship with JJ Judd

Veganpreneur REVOLUTION™ Podcast | Episode 018 | June 26, 2024
Little did JJ Judd realize that by adopting a plant based diet she would get healthy, release 50-pounds AND be a part of the Vegan Revolution… but here she is, shining her light.

017: The Intersection of Juneteenth and Veganism: A Call to Action with Kathleen Gage and VLynn Hawkins

Veganpreneur REVOLUTION™ Podcast | Episode 017 | June 19, 2024
In honor of Juneteenth, hosts VLynn Hawkins and Kathleen Gage share their perspective of all types of slavery and discrimination.

016: The Heart of Change: Paul Chatlin’s Journey from Patient to Plant-Based Advocate

Veganpreneur REVOLUTION™ Podcast | Episode 016 | June 12, 2024
PBNSG founder and SAGE Circle Alliance co-founder, Paul Chatlin has quite the heart story to tell. From being on the operating table to leading the charge, Paul is making huge waves with the vegan plant-based revolution.

015: Revolutionizing Health: Health Wisdom from a Plant Based Pioneer with Dr. Frank Sabatino

Veganpreneur REVOLUTION™ Podcast | Episode 015 | June 5, 2024
Take a professional odyssey with Dr. Sabatino marked by pioneering initiatives aimed at propagating holistic health practices and plant-based lifestyles.

014: Unlocking the Power of Plant-Based Nutrition: Essential Tips for Beginners by Alex Nerus

Veganpreneur REVOLUTION™ Podcast | Episode 014 | May 29, 2024
Magic happens when Gen X intersects with Gen V (generation VEGAN)

013: From Tragedy to Triumph: One Vegan’s Journey to Plant-Based Wellness with Nancy Leeds Gribble

Veganpreneur REVOLUTION™ Podcast | Episode 013 | May 22, 2024
Approaching her 60s with optimism and enthusiasm, Nancy Leeds Gribble embodies the ethos of living life to the fullest.

012: Gardenview Estate Bed & Breakfast: A Haven of Tranquility and Vegan Hospitality

Veganpreneur REVOLUTION™ Podcast | Episode 012 | May 15, 2024
What do you get when you cross a vegan, a proprietor of a Bed & Breakfast, and a self-proclaimed Disney Adult? You get the AMAZING Jenelle Cruz, the visionary owner of Gardenview Estate B&B!

011: AMORE: A Deep Dive into Veganism, Compassion, and Change with Lisa Kemmerer

Veganpreneur REVOLUTION™ Podcast | Episode 011 | May 8, 2024
AMORE: Beyond simply being vegan. This is a movement impacting everyone.

010: From Compassion to Commerce: One Vegan CPA’s Business Blueprint for Success

Veganpreneur REVOLUTION™ Podcast | Episode 010 | May 3, 2024
Heather Zeitzwolfe’s journey into veganism, her passion for animal rights, and her innovative approach to running a successful vegan business.

009: Kate Galli: Inspiring Plant-Positive Change Through Love and Purpose

Veganpreneur REVOLUTION™ Podcast | Episode 009 | May 2, 2024
Podcasting, Plant-Positive Journal, and fitness are the foundation of Kate Galli’s life work.

008: Revolutionizing Veganism: A Conversation with the Mad Cookie Man, Rey Ortega

Veganpreneur REVOLUTION™ Podcast | Episode 008 | May 1, 2024
Most have heard of the Cookie Monster, but have you heard of the MAD COOKIE MAN, Rey Ortega? Rey is arguably the most successful VEGAN cookie maker.

007: One Man’s Passage Through Heart Disease as Patient and Physician with Dr. Akil Taher

Veganpreneur REVOLUTION™ Podcast | Episode 007 | April 30, 2024
Find out what happens when the couch potato physician becomes the open heart surgery patient to becoming an extreme athlete running marathons and climbing mountains.

006: Empowering Children’s Health through Plant-Based Nutrition with Meryl Fury

Veganpreneur REVOLUTION™ Podcast | Episode 006 | April 29, 2024
Meryl Fury, a luminary in the realm of plant-based nutrition and the CEO of PBNM, is dedicated to fostering education and health for children and adults alike.

005: Angela Fischetti’s Vegan Fitness Journey: Passion for Elderly Health

Veganpreneur REVOLUTION™ Podcast | Episode 005 | April 28, 2024
Compassionate advocate for holistic wellness, specializing in fitness, yoga instruction, and therapeutic massage for elderly adults.

004: A Trailblazer in Plant-Based Living and Animal Advocacy with Linda Middlesworth

Veganpreneur REVOLUTION™ Podcast | Episode 004 | April 27, 2024
At 80 years young, Linda Middlesworth shows that eating plant-based and being vegan leads to vibrancy, meaning and alignment.

003: Cultivating Disease Prevention and Holistic Wellness: Dr. Shayla Toombs-Withers’ Vision

Veganpreneur REVOLUTION™ Podcast | Episode 003 | April 26, 2024
Discover how Dr. Shayla Toombs-Withers focuses on disease prevention and holistic wellness for her patients.

002: Katrina Fox: Authenticity & Storytelling in the Vegan Movement

Veganpreneur REVOLUTION™ Podcast | Episode 002 | April 25, 2024
Storytelling at its best with PR expert and decades long vegan, Katrina Fox



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