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145 Podcast Show Hosts Eager to Book Experts Like You!

Attention Vegan, Plant-Based and Wellness Experts!

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Whether you’re an author, speaker, consultant, digital product creator, coach or you run a sanctuary, getting on podcast shows is the most effective way to reach a global audience. 

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Plant-Based and Vegan Directory Version VI

145 Podcast Show Hosts Eager to Book Experts Like You! 

With over 120 Nutrition, Plant-based & Vegan podcast show listings and over 20 Non-Vegan Business show listings at your fingertips, you have what you need to get your message out to your market in record time.

Save Time and Money

If you've ever searched out shows to appear on, you know how time-consuming this can be. Not only do you have to research the shows, often you find out the host has "pod-faded" the show. Simply put, pod-fading means the host is no longer conducting interviews. 

With the Plant-Based and Vegan Podcast Directory, the Vegan Visibility Podcast Team researches ALL shows to assure they are active and a great fit for you.

Invest only $27 in the Directory and receive the Masterclass as our gift to you! 

Here's what clients have to say...

VLynn is a gem to work with. Feeling overwhelmed with the issues of small business startup, I turned to Lynn for advice. She helps make complex issues manageable. VLynn provides sound solutions which helped my business open doors months earlier than planned. Her recommendations on handling business credit and establishing business trade lines was dead on! Lynn knows her stuff. We will work with her anyday of the week and strongly advise others to do so as well. Thanks Lynn!


Kathleen brought her A game and met with the bloggers (relatable); brought her voice to share her remarkable business experiences (remarkable); and she brought her listening skills to help her understand each blogger individually (responsive). I would recommend Kathleen for any workshop, keynote speech, or training session for professionals including online influencers, small business owners, startups, and any established pet brand needing a new focus on reaching and working with pet parents today.


I have had the pleasure of being in a mastermind group with VLynn Hawkins for the past 3 years. VLynn Hawkins brings a different perspective even when you feel you have it all covered. She asks the right questions to assist you to learn and grow. I highly recommend you connect with VLynn, when you are sick of playing small and are ready to SOAR to the next level.


Working with Kathleen Gage as my mentor and coach for my online business has been one of the best business decisions I have ever made. Here knowledge runs deep, her commitment to my success is unwavering and her heart is wide open. I’ve been a consultant to others for the last 30 years and when I needed support and guidance I looked long and hard before I found the coach who I felt could truly deliver the goods. And deliver Kathleen has! With Kathleen’s help, I grew my very small list to over 5,000 qualified contacts and generated substantial revenue. Best of all, in less than two years of working with Kathleen, 40% of my income came from my online sales. I cannot recommend Kathleen’s services enough and can only suggest that you not walk, but run quickly, hire her and begin to build your successful online business.


If you have a small business and need to "get going", or have an idea of your perfect business, V.Lynn Hawkins is the best around to help support your dream.


For years, people have been telling me how much they made on a single launch. I was very frustrated and thought, “I’ve never made that much on anything! With Kathleen Gage’s coaching, now I have! By following Kathleen’s formula and strategies, one series of promotions resulted in $71,710! I can’t wait to see what happens next! Thank you Kathleen!

Kimberly Marooney AUTHOR ~ MINISTER ~ GUIDE

VLynn is a consummate professional. When we had a need and contacted VLynn you always knew she would take action to get the situation corrected or minimally get an answer as to what would happen next. It was a pleasure to work with VLynn and I would work with any company she is associated with in the future, knowing her character.


Kathleen is very down to earth and strategic in all her teachings. There is no fluff here! She always provides great value and insight on every call. One of the things I admire and love the most about Kathleen is that she is always learning and growing herself. She brings that new learning back to her clients which means I always learn something of high value I can use, both personally and with my author clients.

Diana Needham Business Book Shephard

Due to this being an eBased product that you immediately gain access to, there are no refunds. This is an incredibly content filled product and we know you will gain great value when you apply the information.