In the heart of the picturesque Pacific Northwest, nestled amidst the serene landscapes of Northeast Washington, lies Gardenview Estate Bed & Breakfast, a tranquil haven curated by the visionary Jenelle Cruz. A self-proclaimed Disney-adult, Jenelle’s journey is a testament to her unwavering commitment to wellness, innovation, and the pursuit of wholesome living.


With over 15 years of experience as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), Jenelle’s career has been marked by a deep-seated passion for culinary excellence and a dedication to nurturing both body and soul. From her humble beginnings in healthcare settings to her pivotal role as a manager in hospital food service operations, Jenelle’s expertise spans a diverse spectrum of experiences.

However, it was a serendipitous encounter with the plant-based lifestyle that ignited Jenelle’s life changing journey. Inspired by a presentation by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, she embarked on a profound exploration of the benefits of a plant-based diet, ultimately embracing veganism overnight. Armed with newfound knowledge and conviction, Jenelle embarked on a mission to share her passion for compassionate living and wholesome cuisine with the world.

From RDN to Entrepreneur 

In 2020, Jenelle took a bold leap of faith, transitioning from her esteemed career as an RDN to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming an entrepreneur. With the support of her family, Jenelle transformed Gardenview Estate into a sanctuary of vegan hospitality, where guests are welcomed with open arms and nourished with culinary delights crafted from locally sourced and garden-grown ingredients.

Gardenview Estate is more than just a bed and breakfast—it’s a reflection of Jenelle’s ethos of sustainability, compassion, and culinary creativity. Each dish served is a testament to her dedication to showcasing the diverse and delectable possibilities of plant-based cuisine.

Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors, Jenelle continues to be an inspiration within the vegan community. Her unwavering commitment to her values and her willingness to share her expertise have earned her a dedicated following both locally and internationally.

As a self-proclaimed “Disney adult,” Jenelle finds joy and inspiration in the magical realm of Disneyland, where she often retreats during the quieter seasons of Gardenview Estate. Her zest for life and her infectious enthusiasm for all things vegan continue to inspire those around her, making her a true trailblazer in the world of vegan hospitality.

In the ever-expanding landscape of vegan entrepreneurship, Jenelle Cruz is a shining example of passion, resilience, and unwavering dedication to creating a better world—one compassionate meal at a time.

Episode Highlights 

[00:00] Introduction 

[01:00] The when and why of Jenelle crossing the Vegan line.

[03:00] Identifying as vegan is like another “birth” day. 

[06:00] The inside scoop of Gardenview Estate Bed & Breakfast

[10:00] Gardenview Estates offers a bit of heaven to guests.

[13:30] Garden to Table experience for guests.

[16:00] There’s a cookbook in Jenelle’s future. 

[19:00] Healing through digging in the dirt.

[25:00] A major career shift working with veterans.

[32:00] Enjoying a diversity of guests. 

[34:45] From convent in 1873 to vegan B&B…life’s twists and turns.

About Jenelle Cruz 

Jenelle Cruz’s professional journey spans over 15 years as a dedicated Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN). Throughout her career, she has contributed her expertise to a myriad of healthcare settings, including long-term care facilities, outpatient care, and eventually rising to a managerial position in hospital food service operations. Her tenure in these diverse environments has not only solidified her knowledge in nutrition but also honed her leadership skills and passion for culinary excellence.

In 2020, Jenelle embarked on a bold new venture, transitioning from her esteemed RDN career to establish herself as the visionary founder of Gardenview Estate Bed & Breakfast in the picturesque landscapes of Northeast Washington. Here, Jenelle intertwines her deep-rooted love for wholesome living with her culinary prowess, crafting a vegan experience that embodies sustainability and indulgence in equal measure. Drawing inspiration from locally sourced and garden-grown ingredients whenever possible, she curates a culinary journey that delights the senses and nourishes the soul.

Beyond her entrepreneurial pursuits, Jenelle is an intrepid traveler with an insatiable thirst for adventure. As a self-proclaimed “Disney adult,” she finds solace and inspiration in the enchanting world of Disneyland, often retreating there during the quieter seasons of Gardenview Estate. Jenelle’s multifaceted journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication to wellness, innovation, and the art of creating unforgettable experiences for others.

About Kathleen Gage 

Kathleen Gage is a multifaceted professional, renowned as the founder of Vegan Visibility and co-founder of Vegan Visibility Productions. With certifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Plant-Based Nutrition from eCornell University, she’s a seasoned business consultant, keynote speaker, and marketing strategist.

Kathleen’s impact extends to hosting the Vegan Visibility Virtual Summit, a niche event supporting vegan and plant-based entrepreneurs with top-tier training from industry experts. Since establishing her business in 1994, she’s navigated economic challenges across various sectors, including high-tech, healthcare, and publishing.

Her influential voice resonates through popular podcasts like “Vegan Visibility” and “Plant Based Eating for Health,” where she advocates for a sustainable, compassionate world and provides guidance to thousands globally. Moreover, as an award-winning speaker and past president of Utah’s National Speakers Association chapter, Kathleen excels in crafting effective marketing strategies.

Kathleen is a founding member of SAGE Circle Alliance, an organization dedicated to a plant-based lifestyle, animal compassion, and environmental regeneration. Founded by a group of passionate change-makers and thought leaders, Sage Circle Alliance aims to inspire individuals to make positive lifestyle changes for the benefit of future generations.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Kathleen resides in Central Oregon, where she champions animal rescue and enjoys outdoor activities. Her commitment to creating a more compassionate and sustainable world shines through in both her personal and professional pursuits.

About Vlynn Hawkins 

VLynn Hawkins is a formidable figure at the intersection of vegan entrepreneurship, extreme athleticism, and business leadership. As the Co-Founder of Vegan Visibility Productions and the Chief Executive/Engagement Officer at P3Academy, she channels her expertise to elevate health and wellness businesses. With over three decades in commercial real estate lending, VLynn boasts a track record of leading high-performing teams to exceptional success, consistently generating substantial revenue for multi-billion dollar enterprises.

Transitioning from her corporate career, VLynn’s journey towards holistic wellness began after a knee injury redirected her focus. Exploring healing modalities like tapping, NLP, and hypnotherapy, she discovered a passion for holistic health practices. Today, armed with certifications in business development, hypnotherapy, joint venture brokering, and digital marketing, VLynn empowers Healthpreneurs to thrive in their endeavors.

As a Certified Plant-Based Ambassador, VLynn passionately advocates for the transformative power of a Whole Food, Plant-Based Vegan lifestyle. She hosts the insightful “Health Wisdom & Wealth Show,” sharing invaluable insights into holistic living. Additionally, VLynn serves as the CEO of, assisting small businesses and nonprofits in fundraising for impactful projects.

VLynn is a founding member of SAGE Circle Alliance, an organization dedicated to a plant-based lifestyle, animal compassion, and environmental regeneration. Founded by a group of passionate change-makers and thought leaders, Sage Circle Alliance aims to inspire individuals to make positive lifestyle changes for the benefit of future generations.

Based in Atlanta, GA, VLynn enjoys an active lifestyle, often engaging in workouts and leisurely walks with her Cairn Terrier, Hiro. Her multifaceted skill set and unwavering dedication make her an influential advocate for veganism, health entrepreneurship, and impactful business strategies.

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