Katrina Fox, a seasoned advocate and entrepreneur within the vegan movement, shared insights into her journey towards veganism, her observations within the movement, and her expertise in strategic storytelling for businesses. Living the vegan lifestyle and philosophy for nearly 30 years, Katrina is one of the most recognized names in the vegan movement. 

Finding the Vegan Path: A Personal Journey

Katrina Fox’s journey towards veganism began at a young age, marked by a profound realization of the ethical implications of consuming animal products. Her commitment to animal rights activism eventually led her to discover veganism, catalyzed by an eye-opening encounter with a fellow activist on a bus journey to an animal rights demonstration. This encounter served as a pivotal moment, propelling Katrina into a lifelong commitment to a vegan lifestyle.

Navigating Open-Mindedness in Social Justice Circles

Reflecting on her extensive involvement in various social justice movements, Katrina highlighted the challenges of fostering open-mindedness towards veganism within these circles. Despite the inherent synergies between veganism and broader social justice causes, Katrina noted a prevailing resistance to embracing vegan values within mainstream social justice activism. However, she remains optimistic about the gradual shift towards greater acceptance and openness, particularly within certain sectors of society.

Entrepreneurship in the Vegan Space: Unleashing the Power of Strategic Storytelling

Transitioning to her entrepreneurial endeavors, Katrina discussed her passion for helping vegan businesses thrive through strategic storytelling. Leveraging her background in journalism and PR, Katrina specializes in crafting compelling narratives that resonate with audiences, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and emotional connection in storytelling.

Unveiling the Power of Founder Stories

One of Katrina’s key methodologies involves unearthing founder stories, which serve as the cornerstone of a business’s narrative. Through meticulous exploration of personal experiences and values, Katrina helps entrepreneurs articulate their unique journeys, fostering deeper connections with their target audiences.

Building a Story Bank: Crafting Memorable Narratives

Beyond founder stories, Katrina advocates for the creation of a “story bank,” comprising a diverse array of anecdotes and narratives that can be strategically deployed across various contexts. By empowering entrepreneurs to harness the power of storytelling, Katrina enables them to captivate audiences, differentiate their brands, and drive meaningful engagement.

In essence, Katrina’s work underscores the transformative potential of storytelling within the vegan business landscape. As entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of brand building and market positioning, Katrina offers invaluable guidance, illuminating the path towards authenticity, connection, and impact through strategic storytelling.

Navigating Challenges in the Vegan Business Landscape

Katrina’s insights also shed light on the evolving dynamics of the vegan business landscape. She highlighted the challenges posed by misinformation campaigns orchestrated by conventional animal agriculture industries. Despite facing setbacks, Katrina emphasized the importance of collaboration and resilience in navigating turbulent times. 

Embracing Creativity, Collaboration, and Curiosity

Looking ahead, Katrina espouses a philosophy anchored in creativity, collaboration, and curiosity. As she embarks on new ventures and explores uncharted territories, Katrina remains committed to fostering a culture of self-care and holistic well-being. Her vision for the future transcends mere business aspirations, emphasizing the profound impact of vegan entrepreneurship on societal and environmental change.

Learn more about Katrina Fox: https://katrinafox.com/ 

Episode Highlights

[00:00] Introduction

[01:45] From vegetarian to vegan… in an instant.

[04:30] The hijacking of female animal bodies solidifies the decision.

[06:00] Cognitive dissonance on supporting human rights but not animal rights.

[09:00] The benefit of being skilled in business as a vegan.

[13:00] Crafting and telling your founder’s story.

[20:00] Bring your stories to life.

[23:00] What’s coming in the vegan space.

[34:30] The power of collaboration in the vegan movement.

[39:00] Why people don’t share their stories.

[44:00] Moving forward in the vegan space.

About Katrina Fox 

Katrina Fox is a seasoned storyteller specializing in assisting purpose-led entrepreneurs, founders, executives, experts, leaders, and corporate brands in finding, crafting, and sharing narratives that inspire, influence, and impact audiences. With a profound belief in the power of strategic storytelling, Katrina emphasizes the importance of shaping compelling tales using proven frameworks to engage and leave a lasting impression on diverse audiences.

Raised in a council flat just outside south-east London, Katrina’s upbringing imbued her with a sense of being an outsider. Despite facing challenges such as discovering her identity as a gay individual in an environment that wasn’t conducive to openness, she eventually found solace and confidence through her passion for performing arts, which led her to pursue a degree in the field.

Katrina’s professional journey took shape as she transitioned into journalism, initially within the B2B sector, where she honed her storytelling skills to engage niche audiences. Relocating to Sydney, Australia, she ventured into entrepreneurship by establishing a vegan and eco-friendly hair and beauty salon with her wife. Subsequently, she carved a niche for herself in the LGBTIQ media landscape, contributing as an editor and performer, while also spearheading initiatives to amplify the voices of marginalized communities.

As her influence grew, Katrina authored pioneering works such as “Vegan Ventures: Start and Grow an Ethical Business,” establishing herself as an expert in vegan and plant-based entrepreneurship. She further expanded her impact through platforms like her podcast, “Vegan Business Talk,” and as a Forbes contributor, where she championed ethical business practices.

Throughout her career, Katrina has leveraged her expertise in copywriting, content marketing, and PR to serve major corporate clients while remaining committed to promoting the stories of ethical brands. With a focus on ensuring that narratives not only get told but also resonate and endure, Katrina continues to empower individuals and organizations to harness the power of storytelling for meaningful impact.

About Kathleen Gage 

Kathleen Gage is a multifaceted professional, renowned as the founder of Vegan Visibility and co-founder of Vegan Visibility Productions. With certifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Plant-Based Nutrition from eCornell University, she’s a seasoned business consultant, keynote speaker, and marketing strategist.

Kathleen’s impact extends to hosting the Vegan Visibility Virtual Summit, a niche event supporting vegan and plant-based entrepreneurs with top-tier training from industry experts. Since establishing her business in 1994, she’s navigated economic challenges across various sectors, including high-tech, healthcare, and publishing.

Her influential voice resonates through popular podcasts like “Vegan Visibility” and “Plant Based Eating for Health,” where she advocates for a sustainable, compassionate world and provides guidance to thousands globally. Moreover, as an award-winning speaker and past president of Utah’s National Speakers Association chapter, Kathleen excels in crafting effective marketing strategies.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Kathleen resides in Central Oregon, where she champions animal rescue and enjoys outdoor activities. Her commitment to creating a more compassionate and sustainable world shines through in both her personal and professional pursuits.

About Vlynn Hawkins 

VLynn Hawkins is a formidable figure at the intersection of vegan entrepreneurship, extreme athleticism, and business leadership. As the Co-Founder of Vegan Visibility Productions and the Chief Executive/Engagement Officer at P3Academy, she channels her expertise to elevate health and wellness businesses. With over three decades in commercial real estate lending, VLynn boasts a track record of leading high-performing teams to exceptional success, consistently generating substantial revenue for multi-billion dollar enterprises.

Transitioning from her corporate career, VLynn’s journey towards holistic wellness began after a knee injury redirected her focus. Exploring healing modalities like tapping, NLP, and hypnotherapy, she discovered a passion for holistic health practices. Today, armed with certifications in business development, hypnotherapy, joint venture brokering, and digital marketing, VLynn empowers Healthpreneurs to thrive in their endeavors.

As a Certified Plant-Based Ambassador, VLynn passionately advocates for the transformative power of a Whole Food, Plant-Based Vegan lifestyle. She hosts the insightful “Health Wisdom & Wealth Show,” sharing invaluable insights into holistic living. Additionally, VLynn serves as the CEO of CrowdfundingHacker.org, assisting small businesses and nonprofits in fundraising for impactful projects.

Based in Atlanta, GA, VLynn enjoys an active lifestyle, often engaging in workouts and leisurely walks with her Cairn Terrier, Hiro. Her multifaceted skill set and unwavering dedication make her an influential advocate for veganism, health entrepreneurship, and impactful business strategies.