In a world where the consumption of meat, dairy, and eggs dominates, Lisa Kemmerer stands out as a voice for compassion and change. Her recent appearance on the Veganpreneur REVOLUTION Podcast delves into her journey, her profound insights, and the critical importance of spreading awareness about veganism.

Roots of Veganism

Lisa’s journey into veganism traces back to her upbringing in a rural setting, where her parents instilled in her a love for education. It was a simple flier from PETA that initially sparked her interest in veganism. Despite the absence of online resources, the influence of her sister and her evolving consciousness gradually led her to embrace a plant-based lifestyle.

A Journey of Education

Lisa’s path to advocating for veganism was intertwined with her academic pursuits. Delving into the study of various cultures, religions, and environmental issues broadened her understanding of the interconnectedness between human actions and their global impact. Her travels, particularly in impoverished regions like India, revealed the stark realities of food scarcity and the environmental toll of animal agriculture.

AMORE: The Ethical Framework

At the core of Lisa’s advocacy lies AMORE, an acronym encapsulating five fundamental reasons for embracing veganism: Animals, Medical, Oppression, Religion, and Environment. Each aspect highlights the multifaceted benefits of adopting a plant-based lifestyle, from reducing animal suffering to mitigating environmental degradation.

Approaching Conversations with Compassion

Lisa emphasizes the importance of patience and empathy when engaging with others about veganism. Instead of imposing views, she advocates for meeting people where they are and fostering open dialogue based on mutual respect. Active listening and tailored messaging can help bridge the gap between differing perspectives.

Religious Perspectives on Veganism

Contrary to common misconceptions, Lisa explores the alignment between veganism and religious teachings, emphasizing compassion and non-exploitation as shared values across diverse faith traditions. By reframing veganism as a natural extension of religious principles, she seeks to challenge entrenched attitudes and foster greater acceptance within religious communities.

The Intersection of Veganism and Health

Lisa acknowledges the significance of considering health implications when promoting veganism. While acknowledging the benefits of a plant-based diet, she also underscores the importance of understanding that veganism may not address all medical conditions. Sensitivity and empathy are essential when discussing health-related aspects of veganism.

The Impact of Veganism on Social Justice

Veganism intersects with various social justice issues, including poverty, racial inequality, and environmental justice. Lisa emphasizes the interconnectedness of these issues and highlights veganism as a tool for promoting broader social change. By addressing the root causes of oppression and exploitation, veganism offers a path towards a more just and equitable society.

A Holistic Vision for the Future

Lisa Kemmerer’s advocacy extends beyond dietary choices, encompassing a holistic vision of compassion and social transformation. Through her appearance on the Veganpreneur REVOLUTION Podcast and her ongoing work, she continues to inspire individuals to reconsider their relationship with animals, the environment, and each other. As society grapples with pressing ethical and environmental challenges, her message serves as a message of hope and catalyst for meaningful change.

Episode Highlights

[00:00] Introduction 

[03:30] Lisa’s roots into veganism began with a PETA flier. 

[05:00] World travels opened up a plethora of insights. 

[06:30] Anymals give a unique perspective to Lisa’s work. 

[09:00] “My ignorance was legendary,” Lisa reveals. 

[10:00] Are you unknowingly contributing to world hunger? 

[15:00] Why vegans get tagged/labeled as “pushy” by nonvegans? 

[18:00] How to effectively talk to nonvegans. 

[22:00] What does AMORE actually mean? 

[29:00] Addressing the epidemic of comorbidities. 

[36:00] The connection between food consumption and emotions. 

[40:45] Peace with every step. 

About Dr. Lisa Kemmerer

Internationally known for her work in animal ethics, Dr. Lisa Kemmerer is the founder of the educational, vegan umbrella organization, Tapestry. With a Master of Theological Studies in Comparative Religions (Harvard) and a Ph.D. in philosophy (specializing in animal ethics at Glasgow University, in Scotland), Kemmerer taught for 20 years at the university level. She has written more than 100 articles/anthology chapters and 10 books, including In Search of Consistency, Animals and World Religions, Sister Species, and Eating Earth. Dr. Kemmerer retired in July of 2020 to become a full-time social justice activist with Tapestry.

Dr. Kemmerer’s sense of wonder in nature, smallness of self, and simplicity of lifestyle were enhanced by climbing and backpacking, month-long kayak trips, a bicycle trip from Washington to Alaska, and several close brushes with an early end.

Travel abroad also shaped her worldview. She worked as a forest fire fighter and nurse’s aide in a nursing home to buy a ticket to the South Pacific, where she hitchhiked around, listening to the views of hundreds of diverse locals. She also traveled parts of Asia, where her understanding of time, “necessities,” and community were altered by rural Burma and Bangladesh and in little villages on the high ridges of Nepal.

Dr. Kemmerer earned her undergraduate degree in International Studies at Reed College, where she founded her first anymal activist organization and earned a competitive Watson Fellowship that took her on a two-year journey to explore the place of women and anymals in religions. She ventured to remote monasteries and temples in northern China, spent a month at the Dalai Lama’s school in north India, visited holy sites in Israel, stayed with Palestinians and visited patients at a West Bank hospital, and traveled to remote hermitages in mountain ranges of Egypt and Turkey.

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About Kathleen Gage 

Kathleen Gage is a multifaceted professional, renowned as the founder of Vegan Visibility and co-founder of Vegan Visibility Productions. With certifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Plant-Based Nutrition from eCornell University, she’s a seasoned business consultant, keynote speaker, and marketing strategist.

Kathleen’s impact extends to hosting the Vegan Visibility Virtual Summit, a niche event supporting vegan and plant-based entrepreneurs with top-tier training from industry experts. Since establishing her business in 1994, she’s navigated economic challenges across various sectors, including high-tech, healthcare, and publishing.

Her influential voice resonates through popular podcasts like “Vegan Visibility” and “Plant Based Eating for Health,” where she advocates for a sustainable, compassionate world and provides guidance to thousands globally. Moreover, as an award-winning speaker and past president of Utah’s National Speakers Association chapter, Kathleen excels in crafting effective marketing strategies.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Kathleen resides in Central Oregon, where she champions animal rescue and enjoys outdoor activities. Her commitment to creating a more compassionate and sustainable world shines through in both her personal and professional pursuits.

About Vlynn Hawkins 

VLynn Hawkins is a formidable figure at the intersection of vegan entrepreneurship, extreme athleticism, and business leadership. As the Co-Founder of Vegan Visibility Productions and the Chief Executive/Engagement Officer at P3Academy, she channels her expertise to elevate health and wellness businesses. With over three decades in commercial real estate lending, VLynn boasts a track record of leading high-performing teams to exceptional success, consistently generating substantial revenue for multi-billion dollar enterprises.

Transitioning from her corporate career, VLynn’s journey towards holistic wellness began after a knee injury redirected her focus. Exploring healing modalities like tapping, NLP, and hypnotherapy, she discovered a passion for holistic health practices. Today, armed with certifications in business development, hypnotherapy, joint venture brokering, and digital marketing, VLynn empowers Healthpreneurs to thrive in their endeavors.

As a Certified Plant-Based Ambassador, VLynn passionately advocates for the transformative power of a Whole Food, Plant-Based Vegan lifestyle. She hosts the insightful “Health Wisdom & Wealth Show,” sharing invaluable insights into holistic living. Additionally, VLynn serves as the CEO of, assisting small businesses and nonprofits in fundraising for impactful projects.

Based in Atlanta, GA, VLynn enjoys an active lifestyle, often engaging in workouts and leisurely walks with her Cairn Terrier, Hiro. Her multifaceted skill set and unwavering dedication make her an influential advocate for veganism, health entrepreneurship, and impactful business strategies.