Radiant Roots: Optimal Health Bundle


Resources to Help Your Patients, Clients, Family, and Friends Embrace a Healthier, More Sustainable Lifestyle and Add More Years of Healthy Living to their Lives

You are invited to participate in a pioneering initiative

The Radiant Roots: Optimal Health Bundle

The Radiant Roots: Optimal Health Bundle stands as a groundbreaking collection of resources meticulously curated by the Plant-Based Nutrition Movement and Vegan Visibility Productions. More than a mere compilation, it represents a comprehensive toolkit designed to support individuals on their journey towards optimal health, wellness, a longer and better quality of life.


To empower individuals to achieve optimal health through evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle practices, with a particular focus on addressing health disparities within the African American community. Also, to provide information to virtually anyone who is eager to improve their health through the power of plant-based eating and lifestyle enhancements.

What We Plan to Accomplish

At its core, the bundle serves as a treasure trove of eBooks, digital products, recipes and video courses meticulously crafted to empower men, women, teens and youth with the knowledge and tools necessary for embracing a plant-based healthy lifestyle. With preventable disease on the rise, obesity out of control, and lives shattered due to health issues, this is your opportunity to reach beyond the walls of your practice or business with your expertise and your passion.


The Radiant Roots: Optimal Health Bundle is primarily tailored for African American adults grappling with obesity and chronic health issues, who are longing to reclaim vitality and overcome health challenges. However, we recognize that the health benefits extend beyond racial boundaries, affecting individuals of all races, genders, and ages. They are encouraged to take advantage of the bundle if they have an interest in improving their health.

If worries about declining health, financial strain, or future uncertainties keep them up at night, this bundle is designed specifically for them. Together, we can address these concerns and break the cycle of generational health disparities, paving the way for a brighter, healthier future for all.

Benefits for Bundle Recipients

Transforming Lives

By accessing the Radiant Roots: Optimal Health Bundle, individuals will experience a profound transformation in their lives. Whether they're already committed to a plant-based lifestyle or just beginning their journey, the bundle provides invaluable resources to help them thrive physically and mentally.

Community Support

Purchasing the bundle gives buyers, the end users, access to valuable curated resources from a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, that includes lifestyle medicine professionals, health advocates, WFPB entrepreneurs and recipe creators.

Access to Expert Contributors

Bundle recipients will benefit from exclusive content crafted by top-notch contributors, such as doctors and medical professionals, who are deeply dedicated to making a meaningful positive impact on health outcomes. This access allows individuals to tap into the expertise and insights of these experts as they navigate their health journey.


We invite you to join us in this powerful endeavor by contributing a high-value digital product to the Radiant Roots: Optimal Health Bundle. Your expertise will play a pivotal role in empowering end users to embrace a plant-based lifestyle and achieve their health and wellness goals.

From weight loss, and heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancers, and chronic illness, to other specific illnesses predominant in the Black community such as focus on sickle cell disease, we know that 100% whole food plant-based eating is the route to reverse and prevent these debilitating diseases.

For those experts contributing to the Radiant Roots: Optimal Health Bundle, your expertise will provide clients, patients, family, friends, and those seeking this information with the necessary tools and knowledge to thrive on their healthy lifestyle journey.

Marketing Strategy

Equip bundle contributors with the assets and collateral to easily share with your communities and clients, including social media content, blog article templates, and images that create a compelling invitation via copy and imagery for end users to be more compelled to buy.


Bundle contributors will be invited into an exclusive Facebook Group where we will be providing answers to questions, digital marketing strategies, and supporting contributors throughout the bundle project, and when marketing commences one week before the bundle opens and when it closes one week after it ends.

When you contribute to the Radiant Roots: Optimal Health Bundle, you’re not only facilitating personal transformation but also catalyzing a ripple effect of positive change in the world. As you know, embracing a plant-based lifestyle doesn’t just enhance individual well-being—it also contributes to a more sustainable, compassionate future for all.

We are asking that all digital contributions to the bundle align with the practice of sharing the optimal path to wellness, using 100% plant-based/plant-exclusive food choices and implementing lifestyle and dietary patterns that align with the 6 Pillars of Lifestyle Medicine. We believe that it then becomes easy to connect more deeply with people on their journey, meeting them where they are, and moving them forward utilizing the resources in the bundle.

Affiliate Opportunity

By contributing to the bundle, you will enhance your impact through the work you do and potentially fulfill your life’s mission while making a positive difference. Plus, you have the opportunity to generate affiliate sales income to do with it what you wish, including giving all or a portion to your favorite charity.

Whether you contribute or not, as a professional who views the contents of the bundle will serve your community, you’re eligible to participate as an affiliate and earn 50% of each $27 bundle sale tracked to your efforts. We will share marketing strategies and provide marketing opportunities for you. All affiliates will be paid their earnings 30-days after the bundle sales close.

Marketing Plan

Led by our hosts, the Plant-Based Nutrition Movement and Vegan Visibility Productions, the Radiant Roots: Optimal Health Bundle supports contributors with a comprehensive marketing strategy designed to maximize your visibility, promote the bundle, and create a client attraction outreach opportunity for you.

The bundle’s promotions to the public will be open from June 25th through July 4th, culminating on Independence Day with a full day-long experience that includes informational livestreams, video shares, and a challenge for onlookers to pass the bundle buy opportunity on to their families, friends, and colleagues. The day-long experiential event provides contributors with a unique opportunity to showcase your expertise in front of a live audience within a virtual environment, amplifying your reach and impact and speaking to your ideal client, customer, and/or patient.

Prior to promotions opening, contributors will be guided to set up and prepare for the promo period and position yourselves to earn the most in affiliate income as possible. 

Marketing efforts will reach across a diverse range of channels and bundle contributors will be provided with an abundance of resources such as pre-written email messaging, promotional videos, pre-written and sharable articles, media releases, and various graphics. We will share how you can launch robust email campaigns, create strategic social media engagement, captivating videos, insightful blog posts, dynamic livestreams, engaging webinars, and targeted media releases. 

This multi-faceted approach ensures that the bundle receives maximum exposure and engagement with end users, driving awareness and amplification of the message advocating for using lifestyle and food as medicine.

Furthermore, as a valued bundle contributor, these assets will empower you to effectively promote all of the contributions and enhance the overall success of the Radiant Roots: Optimal Health Bundle project.

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Plant-Based Nutrition Movement

The Plant Based Nutrition Movement is a collaboration between medical professionals  and passionate community members committed to amplifying the message of plant-based nutrition’s power to prevent, halt, and often even heal our most debilitating chronic illnesses. Members of the PBNM Board of Directors have dedicated time and energy to the organization. They are leaders in the Chicagoland plant-based nutrition world, expanding globally, and share PBNM’s mission of fighting chronic disease with plants.

BNM has a higher purpose focused on reversing the plight of our children through their child nutrition initiative, Six Million SEEDS. Recently featured in the press after  Illinois bill HB408/9 passed mandating plant-based food options be served  in all schools, from grade K through 12.

This was a major win for the health of the next generation. PBNM now assists others in forging a path to create this type of change and enact similar legislation in other states across the US.

Representative: Meryl Fury, MS, RN, President and CEO of PBNM 

Vegan Visibility Productions

Driven by their passion for fostering a healthier more sustainable world, founders Kathleen Gage and VLynn Hawkins leverage their extensive business expertise to present accelerated business growth and success strategies tailored for proven, profitable outcomes.

With a shared commitment to advocating for the plant-based vegan lifestyle, Kathleen and VLynn are on a mission to promote awareness through The Veganpreneur Revolution™, their philosophy and Podcast, where they advocate connection, collaboration, and community among individuals, companies, and organizations with a specific focus of creating visibility and opportunities to make a positive impact.

The “Veganpreneur Revolution™” represents a fusion of “vegans” and “entrepreneurs” dedicated to a movement and trend centered around businesses that prioritize the vegan message of compassion and using lifestyle and food as medicine. Comprising enterprises directly involved in veganism, service providers to vegan businesses, or vegan owners of various types of health practices and businesses aligned with vegan principles, this movement is poised to lead in this multi-billion dollar business landscape.


Doctors, Nurses, Lifestyle Medicine Professionals, Health Coaches, WFPB Entrepreneurs, Recipe Creators, and Plant-Based Vegan Fitness and Health Professionals

Inspiring future change makers and professionals is core to the focus of the Bundle! We want to create change and who better to influence their own generation, than a young chef or vegan environmental influencer. It’s for that reason, the Bundle is open to contributions from young chefs or recipe creators, and others who we know are under the care and guidance of their parents and care givers.

You are able to contribute digital products that are immediately downloadable, no opt-in required. Contributions can be in the form of: 

– Recorded Talks & Presentations (about specific health conditions and how lifestyle makes a difference in those conditions),
– 100% Whole Food, Plant-Based Recipes, Workouts & Mobility Routines, 
– Yoga,
– Breath Work,
– Scientific Health Studies,
– Juice & Smoothie Recipes,
– Raw Food Recipes,
– Easy Plant-Based Muscle Building Recipes,
– Plant-Based Pet Foods,
– Puzzles,
– Coloring Book/Pages,
– Tips & Advice eBooks,
– and more.

All digital products must be submitted via pdf with a link to the product for immediate downloadable access, headshot, bio, logo, image of the product, and short product description. VLynn and Kathleen of Vegan Visibility Productions will be conducting a training and providing the recording about how to submit your product. 

These items will be submitted through our Google Form Submission. Access the form at: https://forms.gle/xqgGWVwiyPixKurp8

Every contributor is responsible to assist in marketing and selling the $47 Bundle product. VLynn and Kathleen of Vegan Visibility Productions (“VVP”) will be giving a training about how you can easily promote and sell the Bundle product. Stay tuned for that.

The plan is to do Pre-Promotion events which you will be invited to participate in and encouraged to host your own. VVP will also be training on how to do this effectively during the Bundle Marketing Training. 

The Bundle Marketing training will be announced and if you’re unable to attend it live, there will be a recording shared with all contributors. There will also be periodic Q&A sessions, or email us at: ceo@veganvisibilityproductions.com

Bundle sales will begin on Launch Day, Tuesday, June 25, 2024 at 12pm ET. The launch event will be livestreamed via StreamYard beginning at 12pm ET and ending at 2pm ET. All contributors are invited to participate.

Sales will be promoted over a 10-day period, beginning Tuesday, June 25th at 12pm ET and ending on Thursday, July 4th, the day we are calling “Health Independence Day” at 5pm ET. Bundle sales close on July 4th at 11:59pm PT (2:59am ET on July 5th.)

Every day of the 10-day promotional period, the team will be conducting interviews with Bundle contributors to share who they are, why they felt it was important to contribute and promote the Bundle and what they expect will be the benefits for everyone who buys the bundle. You are able to SCHEDULE YOUR INTERVIEW during the 10 days at: https://forms.gle/avTKxf1EmvcifE6o7

For every Bundle that is sold through your efforts, you will be rewarded with a commission of 50% of the $47 Bundle Sales, less merchant fees of 5%, or $22.32 per sale. If you create 10 Bundle Sales, you earn $223.20. If you create 50 Bundle Sales, you earn $1,116.00 and if you create 100 Bundle Sales, you earn 2,232.00.

All sales are paid out 30 days after the event concludes.

We feel there are at least these 8 high value benefits for every contributor, if not more.

  1. We are making a difference for our community. This is information for us by us, and NO ONE can do that but us, well maybe a few others who also have an intention to good by us.
  2. We all know we cannot support our community as individual practitioners working alone. It’s easy to believe we have all tried some version of that. So, we have to ask, “How far did we get?” Collaboration to uplift our community means we are a part of something greater than ourselves and that is powerful and empowering for us all.
  3. We build name recognition. Buyers get to know your name, face, and a slice of what you have to offer. You can add your contact info and let folks know you have other services, offers, or products as long as there is no sales funnel to capture the buyer’s info, because people really don’t want 50 more people dropping newsletters and other stuff in their inbox. This is NOT a way to build your email list.
  4. You get the 50% Affiliate Commission for the sales that use your personal link. So, it’s like someone paying you to get your business card and find out more about you.
  5. Other people selling the bundle are also spreading your name and brand recognition for you.
  6. Once you create the digital product and send it in, it can create passive income for you. All you have to do is drop the link in as many places as you can and tell your network. And tell your network to share your link, too.
  7. We are quietly coming out as health/LM entrepreneurs, which is BIG! We are here and we mean to make a difference. We are strategically saying we are not waiting to be invited to have a seat at the table. We are taking a bold step. We made a place, and we are sitting down for our share of this market. This could be the first step in a bigger, farther reaching game plan to help make us all more successful in the LM space where we could have so much more impact. Low risk collaborations like this are one way to test it out and build momentum.
  8. You participate in a win-win-win collaboration.